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Claim an extra £500* from your PPI refund due to withheld tax

If tax is due on PPI payouts, most firms deduct it automatically, at 20%, before you get the money. That has always been an issue for non-taxpayers.

However, since April 6, 2016, far more people have been owed tax back, as that's when the personal savings allowance launched.

It allows most taxpayers to earn £1,000 a year of savings interest, tax-free.

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    Martin Lewis explains ...

    "Tax refund worth £1,000+ if yours was a big payout"

    Tax is deducted at the basic 20% rate, so for every £100 of statutory interest you earn, you pay £20 in tax. To give you an idea of how it relates to the size of PPI payouts.

    Tax taken off at source
    Total PPI reclaim PPI taken out 3 yrs before PPI taken out 5 yrs before PPI taken out 10 yrs before
    £1,000 £40 £60 £100
    £3,000 £120 £180 £300
    £7,500 £300 £460 £730
    £15,000 £610 £910 £1,470
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    "The thought of filling in paperwork was daunting but Absolute Money's online tool made it a 2 minute job. Well worth it for the £390 I received in the post shortly after!"

    – Kelly Hales, Cleaner at NHS, Wolverhampton

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    Everything is done online (unless you would prefer to speak to us), and we will then post out your refund document to HMRC the very next working day so they can process your refund quickly. It couldn't be easier!

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